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Kubbra Sait Tests COVID-19 Positive With Mild Symptoms

MUMBAI: Bollywood Actor Kubbra Sait has tested positive for Coronavirus. She shared her health update at Instagram on Friday (January 7). 

She wrote, "Hey beautiful peeps, First and foremost #maskup Second of first, I've tested positive with mild/ asymptomatic covid--19. If we were in contact with me, please run a home test... (so that we don't burden the already burdened testing system). I haven't still received the results from the lab it's been 36 hours), else better stay indoors and take a break. You may not even realise you're a carrier (at this stage)."

"I'm alright. Resting and watching TV. Stay calm state of mind, consume loads of fluids, watch little tv and phone. So in 5-7 days we can say #ByeOmicro,"Kubbra added.