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Explained: 10 Essential points of Punjab Budget 2022-23 that covers Health, Agriculture, Industrial & other territories

CHANDIGARH: Punjab finance minister Harpal Singh Cheema on Monday  (June 27) presented the maiden annual budget of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in the Legislative assembly. The total expenditure is of Rs 1,55,860 crores in the budget 2022-23. The AAP govt have made Paperless budget this year and named it as ‘Janta Budget’ (People’s Budget). The FM Harpal Cheema made key announcements for different territories of the state.

-- FM Cheema assured the people of Punjab that this most important but most neglected sector i.e. health sector has been given top priority in this budget. Our government will ensure that no one in Punjab is deprived of basic health facilities due to lack of financial resources. He proposed Rs 4731 crore for the health sector in the budget, which has hike of 24 percent. 16 new medical colleges will be established in the state. 

--  75 Mohalla clinics will commence from August 15 in the state.

-- FM Harpal Cheema said that due to non-availability of timely medical aid, casualties in road accidents are a regrettable experience. The AAP government is extremely sensitive to this issue and will try to ensure that every person who is injured in a road accident is saved. For this, a 'Farishtey scheme' will be introduced in the state. Under this, any person can take road accident victims to hospitals. They will be given free treatment and all the expenses will be borne by the Punjab government. The person who helped the victim will also be honored.

-- The Government proposes to set up an Estate Management Unit (EMU) which will specifically look after the maintenance and handling of infrastructure needs of hospitals/health facilities and remove such disturbances in a time bound manner.

-- Punjab Finance Minister proposes 48 percent increase in allocation for industrial development in the Budget 2022-23. 

-- Fintech City will be developed near Mohali, Says Finance Minister Harpal Singh Cheema.

-- The Punjab cabinet has already approved recruitment to 26,454 posts lying vacant in various government departments, of which 10,000 jobs will be offered for various posts in Punjab Police while remaining jobs will be given in other departments.

-- For the upskilling youth of Punjab, this government has collaborated with Tata Technologies (T.T.) global industry partners and LTSU (Lamrin Tech Skills University) to set up a common facilitation center in the electric vehicle sector in the state.

-- The Finance Minister said that our government proposes to set up a special commission with traders and businessmen as members. This commission will cooperate with the government in decision making and policy making.

-- The Punjab Govt has allocated Rs 11,560 crore for the agriculture sector. Finance Minister Harpal Cheema proposed an allocation of Rs 450 crore for direct sowing of paddy.

-- FM Cheema announced that National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED) has agreed to partly procure 'moong' from Punjab under its Price Support System. 

-- Punjab Government allocates Rs 200 crore to explore possibilities and solutions to check stubble burning in the budget.